Review: The Silver Mark by Sarah Painter

The Silver Mark by Sarah Painter

I cannot tell you how excited I was to get this book. From the moment I finished The Night Raven (book 1 in the Crow Investigations series) I was desperate to read the second. In fact, I’ll probably read both again before the third comes out (it feels like an age away).

The Silver Mark brings us back to PI Lydia Crow, who has set up her own investigative firm above a greasy spoon with a little help from her dodgy uncle Charlie. But hey, rent in London is insane, and sharing the flat with a ghost is a small price to pay. Helped by the delicious DCI Fleet, who Lydia most certainly is not dating (except yeah, she sorta is) Lydia seeks to solve the problems emanating from 4 magical families in London: The Foxes, The Pearls, The Silvers…and The Crows.

Sarah Painter is so adept at creating a world that makes sense, even as the magical intertwines with reality. The 4 ‘Mafia style’ families all have their own powers, and Lydia’s back story as the daughter of one of the heads of the families, hidden away without powers, is intriguing. It’s such a full and engaging world.

The Silver Mark brings us back to a new mystery involving the Silvers, people who are incredibly capable of convincing you of anything (silvertongue, anyone?) and watching as Lydia tries not to step on any toes and cause an end to the magical truce between families is riveting.

I won’t give too much away about the plot, because I think you should run back and read The Night Raven first, then immediately buy and consume The Silver Mark. They are just so engaging and real, exactly the way I like my magic. With a sassy PI main character who drinks too much and sleeps too little.

An expected 5/5 for The Silver Mark. Now I’ve just got to distract myself whilst I wait for the next one. Although, I do have a book to write…

I’m currently reading The Garden on Holly Street by the lovely Megan Attley. Expect another sparkling review soon!

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