Writing Workshops at Larmertree Festival 2019

The time has come again, dear friends, to sit in a field and tell some stories. Whether that’s round a campfire or in a tent, stories were made to be shared in the open air after a day of beautiful music and tasty beer.

By which I mean I’ll be running workshops at Larmertree Festival again this year.

I’ve been running writing workshops at Larmer for years, and it’s by far my favourite festival. It’s got a perfect balance of chill and excitement, along with the opportunity to try all manner of creative things.

So if you’re coming to our lovely festival this year, why not join me on Friday night for Letters to the Moon, where we get all mystical penning love letters, apologies, goodbyes or anything else to our lovely moon. Think of it as a message in a bottle. Maybe you want to write a letter to the man in the moon, or to the person whose face you see when you look up at the stars? Maybe you’ve been told you need to give up dairy and think a break up letter to cheese is appropriate. Whatever you want to write, it’ll be glorious.

If you’ve got your little’uns with you, I’ll be doing a family workshop called Wild Words for Families. Get ready to ROAR, Climb, crawl, wriggle and do everything else that those wild, wild words do. The kids will be creating stories full of adventure!

For those who’d love a little wildness in their adult lives (no, not like that!) Wild Words for Adults is all about setting those words free and letting them sing. Whether it’s remembering a time you felt like you were flying, or remembering a moment of pure joy in nature, wild words will bring the magic back.

Keep an eye out for me at Larmertree Festival 2019, and come get creative!

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