Best friends and galentines day

I am so into crazy supportive female friendships right now.

I write this whilst watching Booksmart for the first time ever (yeah, I’m always behind on everything, don’t worry about it) and I am OBSESSED with this friendship. The support! The love! The overwhelming need to tell your bestie just how freaking amazing she is!

Which reminds me of a really similar relationship, the one that launched a thousand Galentines: Lesley Knope and Anne Perkins. The ultimate girl duo, who are there to support each other, push each other, drive each other mad and know each other’s kinks and needs.

Why don’t we tell our friends we love them all the time? Where is that ‘drunk girl in the club bathroom’ energy on a Tuesday morning?

Which brings me very neatly onto my newest book: The Book of Us.

It’s a book about female friendship, but that complicated, all over the place kind of friendship. The kind where you’re in awe of the other person and love them, but you also are a teeny bit jealous of how they shine? The problem that you want to be around them all the time, because you have the most fun, but you’re also stuck being the person you’ve always been.

When you’re part of an awesome duo, and things have always worked, there’s no space to grow.

When I first started thinking about this book, I was intrigued by the kind of friendships where one is the leader and one is the follower. Sometimes that’s comforting, it lets you push and be pushed, helps you to grow. But they’re pretty impossible to break out of.

The two movies that I always think of when it comes to those relationships are Beaches and Me Without You.

How hard is it, to love someone but also know they’re not good for you sometimes?

Lauren and Cassidy in The Book of Us are complicated people, capable of real cruelty to each other. Because often you’re awful to the people you love the most. And when you’ve got an intense amount of love and loss and distance to cover to get back to that place you once were, it can be ugly.

So this Galentines Day, if there’s a friend you miss, or have drifted apart from, or want to reach out to, DO IT NOW!

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