Writing for Wellbeing, Bookclubs and Watford One Town, One Book: a busy week!

This has been one of the busiest promotional week’s for one of my books that I’ve ever had! And believe me, I’m not complaining!

I was filmed for a promotional video about One Town, One Book (yes, that is the Mayor holding my book! Eep!) created by Ray from Take Action Media. You can see it below:


I ran my first online writing for wellbeing workshop for the Watford Writers group, who were so incredibly welcoming and open to trying something new. Writing for wellbeing really does depend on certain principles of structure and boundaries, like group numbers, timings and rules. After all, structure lends itself to freedom. If you know the context of a task, you know how to approach it. If you know you’re writing for five minutes, you’ll arrange your thoughts accordingly.

I did find it hard, with a big group on Zoom, but it was a success overall! It has just reminded me how much I love teaching writing for wellbeing, and how eager I am to get my Writing to Nourish sessions up and running in person as soon as possible. (If you’re interested, these will be in the Watford area, so send me an email at writingtonourish@gmail.com for more info).

Book Club

This was also my first time being an author guest at a book group, and I’ll admit I was a little scared. When you’ve mainly been on the other end of some very honest Amazon and Goodreads reviews, getting face-to-face feedback on something you’ve made can feel a little daunting!

However, it was so wonderful, I shouldn’t have been worried at all! The readers had some excellent questions and made me think about why I’d made certain writing decisions, picking up on a lot of the things I’d left open ended or had wanted readers to think about. (Everyone also hated Darren, which was definitely the point in creating such a vile character!)

Cover Reveal

In other bookish news, my upcoming novel The Things That Matter had her cover reveal last week. Here she is in all her glory:

There will be more news about finding the book on Netgalley (but it is currently only 99p to preorder the ebook on Amazon!) but I’m super excited to share this one with you all.

Here’s my letter to readers about why it’s important:

This month will see a few more book clubs and writing for wellbeing sessions as part of One Town, One Book so if you haven’t been involved, there’s still time!

Otherwise I’ll be working away on my edits for my next book (no, I don’t know where I get the energy either).

Have a happy bank holiday/Easter, dear readers. I hope you read something wonderful!

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